Twelve Petal Clan Phratry Kinship Flower


This twelve-petalled floral pattern describes the Clan and Phratry kinship groups of the Wendat/Wandat Peoples 

The Twelve original Clans of the Wyandot are pictured on the website header and are: Big Turtle (Moss Back or Snapping), Little or Spotted Turtle, Box Turtle, Mud Turtle, Striped Turtle, Highland or Prairie Turtle, Wolf (Mediator Clan in dark gold) Bear Clan, Beaver Clan, Deer Clan, Porcupine Clan, Snake Clan and Hawk Clan. The two Phratries are Deer and Turtle. The black colour represents the Female principal, the Longhouses as the foundation of community, the Red, Male The Chiefs and Warriors. The Turtle Phratry is on the left, the Deer Phratry on the right.

  Twelve Petal original Drawing Richard Zane Smith; Digital rendering Catherine Tammaro. Used with permission and thanks.

© RZS 2015