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  • Useful Academic Publications & Links
    Below you will find a list of academic publications and links that may be useful to learn more about the Wyandot of Anderdon Nation! Huron and Wyandot Mythology by Marius Barbeau – Ottawa Government Printing Bureau HURON WENDAT The Heritage of the Circle by Professor Georges E. Sioui – UBC Press 1999 Dispersed But Not Destroyed: A History […]
  • Wyandot Clans & Phratries
    The Twelve original Clans of the Wyandot (pictured above) are: Big Turtle (Moss Back or Snapping), Little or Spotted Turtle, Box Turtle, Mud Turtle, Striped Turtle, Highland or Prairie Turtle, Wolf (Mediator Clan in Dark Gold), Bear Clan, Beaver Clan, Deer Clan, Porcupine Clan, Snake Clan and Hawk Clan. The two Phratries are Deer and Turtle. […]
  • FEATURED ARTIST: Medicinehawk
    Medicinehawk, also known as Michael Turanik, Deer Clan, is a Wyandot of Anderdon Tribal Member and artisan who is well known for his beautiful bead work, drum making and ornamentation, sacred staves and other ceremonial objects. Michael also draws, paints and makes other Indigenous craft-ware. Michael worked in law enforcement for more than 25 years, […]
  • THONNAKONA: Returning the Ancestors to the Land
    The Ancestors, Rest Assured September 13, 2013 marked an incredible day in the history of the Confederacy as 1,760 Ancestors’ remains were reinterred in Kleinberg, Ontario. Members from the four Confederacy Nations met in love and solidarity to convey the remains to the Ossuary located on Ontario Heritage Trust land. La Nation Huronne ~ Wendat […]
  • LANGUAGE: All Wandat Word List (2011)
    CLICK HERE to open and download the All Wandat Word List. Updated 2011. Used with permission and thanks from the Wyandotte Nation.
  • GENEALOGY STORIES: Judith Pidgeon Kukowski
    kweh ǫmateruˀ, (Hello friends), This has been such an eventful year. The world of genealogy has opened up so many avenues to me. My contacts throughout the USA and Canada have grown tremendously. These are good people who willingly share their time, knowledge and expertise. Some are professionals and others aren’t but the things we have in common are a love for our Ancestors […]